About Us

Delta Publicity is one of the leading outdoor advertising agencies in the North Eastern Region of India. Founded in the year 1988, we are having at present almost 600 hoardings in various sizes and types in the entire North Eastern Region.

Over the years Delta Publicity has become a full-fledged outdoor advertising & consulting company with the requisite expertise, experience and infrastructure to provide complete outdoor advertising solutions.

Delta Publicity deals in outdoor publicity as well as indoor advertising and major services includes Hoardings/Billboards (Front-Lit, Back-Lit, Non-Lit), Kiosk, Banner, GlowSign Board, Flex Printing, Banner, NLB, Reflective Board, Road Sign (High Intensive Retro Reflective Board), CutOut, Exhibition Work, LED Acrylic Board, Neon Sign, Brassplate, Inshop Branding and Canopy.

Our Clients